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We offer a wide selection of top quality manual tips, robotic tips, cell plates, and compound microplates – ideal for your high-throughput screening applications.

Stretch your budget without compromising on quality

Quality consumables are essential for quality data. With Black Dog as your lab partner, you don’t have to compromise your research with low-quality consumables – even when working on a shoestring budget.

Black Dog began supplying quality lab consumables in 2008 with a single goal in mind: to ensure that the refurbished fluorescence readers and high throughput screening systems that we provide our customers consistently deliver superior results for their research. At that time, we found that many customers were compelled to compromise on the quality of their consumables because of stringent budgets. Unfortunately, compromising on quality consumables was impacting the quality of their data and research results.

In an effort to provide our customers quality consumables at affordable prices, we partnered with Greiner BIO-ONE® and Biotix®, top quality manufacturers of lab consumables. Since then, we’ve been providing our customers quality consumables at unmatched prices. Black Dog has access to the full line of Biotix® manual and robotic tips, as well as Greiner BIO-ONE® plates. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll provide a price quote that fits virtually any budget.

A wide variety of plates

Black Dog is a proud distributor of quality Greiner Bio-One® laboratory products. Our wide selection of products includes 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well microplates for high-throughput screening applications, available in a variety of materials, well designs and surface treatments. Greiner Bio-One GmbH has been developing and producing microplates for decades. An innovative leader in this sector, Greiner Bio-One continually develops new technologies to meet its customer needs. We have access to the full line of Greiner Bio-One® plates.

Manual and robotic pipette tips

Black Dog is a proud distributor of quality Biotix® manual pipette tips, tip eject reload, and robotic dispensing tips, ideally suited for your high-throughput screening applications. Biotix® tips are manufactured to the highest standards; in fact, quality is such an important focus for Biotix® that they’ve trademarked a name for it: Xtreme Quality® means producing six sigma, the highest quality manual and automation tips in the industry. Quality manufacturing ensures the best possible product for your applications. We have access to the full line of Biotix® manual and robotic tips.

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What’s the buzz about Black Dog?

At Black Dog, we maintain the highest standards for our quality refurbished instruments, consumables, and service.  Check out what our customers are saying. And, if you want to talk directly to one of our customers, we can arrange that too.

“The Black Dog refurbished FLIPR® functions well, demonstrating excellent reproducibility. The equipment is also easy to use. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the customer service provided by Black Dog. I appreciate their willingness to use refurbished parts to work within our budget, quality of repair work, and promptness in responding to issues.”

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology

“Tom and his son at Blackdog Technical Services went out of their way to refurbish an old FLIPR for us about 12 years ago. After that, they invariably have provided outstanding maintenance and service. I recommend Blackdog Technical Services without reservations.”

Assistant Professor
Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology
School of Medicine

Your Trusted Partner

Black Dog has supported the life science community for 15 years by providing quality refurbished instruments, complementary consumables, and technical services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic labs. Our goal is to help accelerate scientific research and drug discovery by providing quality instrumentation at affordable prices.

We strive to deliver the highest quality service and laboratory products to our customers — and to guarantee honesty, integrity, and respect in our offerings. That’s how Black Dog has built its reputation in the industry as a trusted partner.