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Your trusted lab partner for quality instruments, consumables, and service for life science research and discovery.

About Us

We’ve proudly served the life science community for 19 years.

Founded in 2005, Black Dog has built a reputation in the life science community for providing quality refurbished instruments and complementary consumables at affordable prices, as well as delivering exceptional service for refurbished FLIPR® fluorescence imaging plate readers and FLIPR TETRA® cellular screening systems.

The Black Dog brand represents two companies headquartered in Jackson Springs, North Carolina – Black Dog Technical Services, Inc. (Veteran-Owned) and Black Dog Solutions, LLC. (Woman-Owned). Black Dog Technical Services represents our core business: refurbished instruments and service.  Black Dog Solutions was formed in 2008 to provide complementary lab consumables, helping to ensure that our customers obtain superior results from their refurbished fluorescence readers and high throughput screening systems. We have longstanding partnerships with exceptional product manufacturers to provide our customers the highest quality laboratory consumables at competitive prices.

Total customer satisfaction has been our focus from the start. Our mission: to deliver the highest quality service and laboratory products to our customers and to guarantee honesty, integrity, and respect in our offerings.

Meet our Management Team

Tom Leen
Co-Founder, Black Dog Technical Services and Black Dog Solutions

Tom Leen began his career at Eastman Kodak Company. He was part of the design team for the Ektachem® Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, the leading clinical chemistry instrument used in hospital labs at that time. Later, as Audit Supervisor, Tom was accountable for testing and evaluation of each Ektachem® instrument before its delivery to the customer. As Senior Field Service Engineer for the company’s clinical chemistry and radiology instruments, Tom managed high-profile accounts such as Duke University Medical Center. Tom gained his extensive knowledge of FLIPR® systems working at Molecular Devices® . He later accepted a position with Astra Zeneca® Pharmaceuticals, where he managed instrumentation for their Lead Discovery Labs. These and other labs at Astra Zeneca were equipped with nine FLIPR®  instruments. Tom applied his experience with assured quality systems from his days at Kodak, integrating service and design changes to the FLIPR® instruments at Astra Zeneca. The design modifications improved reliability and performance. Each of the FLIPR® systems processed at least 200 plates daily and consistently delivered quality data. Tom recognized a need in the industry for quality instrumentation service providers; he founded Black Dog Technical Services™ to provide the type of service that customers need and expect. Tom continues to hold himself and his staff to the highest standards.

Sean Leen
Co-Founder, Black Dog Technical Services

Sean is a graduate of North Carolina State University and played a key role in launching Black Dog Technical Services. While providing quality field service for FLIPR® instruments, Sean helped to research and integrate new technologies into the FLIPR® platform. Black Dog customers routinely commend Sean for his strong understanding of their individual requirements and exceptional dedication to their needs. Sean has deep knowledge and technical expertise with both FLIPR® fluorescence microplate readers and FLIPRTETRA® cellular screening systems. Sean prides himself on excellence, and always keeps in mind Aristotle’s quote “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”.

Marian Leen
Co-Founder, Black Dog Solutions
Marian co-founded Black Dog Solutions after a successful career as a Registered Nurse. Her extensive organizational and management skills, in addition to her capabilities to react in critical situations, have added another dimension to Black Dog.

Our Valued Partners

We’ve partnered with select lab product manufacturers to offer you reliable, cost-effective consumables that complement our quality refurbished instruments, helping to ensure that you achieve the most accurate and reliable results possible.


Biotix is a global company headquartered in Sorrento Valley, California. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce precision-engineered manual and robotic pipette tips and other laboratory tools. Biotix is ISO Certified and FDA registered for Medical Device Assembly (Class I & II). We’re pleased to offer Biotix manual pipette tips, tip eject reloads, and robotic tips for high throughput screening – all at competitive prices.

Greiner Bio-One®

Our extensive line of Greiner Bio-One products includes a full range of microplates for high-throughput screening applications. Greiner Bio-One has been developing and producing microplates for decades and today you can find them in diagnostic and research labs worldwide. We also offer Greiner Bio-One tubes, pipette tips, and other lab consumables – all at very competitive prices.

Our Passions

We Support American Research, Development, and Manufacturing

At Black Dog, we’re concerned with the loss of scientific research positions in America. While we understand that some of the reasoning is being driven by cost effectiveness, the impact on America is catastrophic. Black Dog is proposing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and contract research organizations to produce results in the United States. We have a significant inventory of FLIPR® instruments that when teamed with our consumables and American Scientists, will assuredly produce unparalleled results at competitive prices. Additionally, each CRO can be designed to meet your particular needs. The benefits to the contracting company, as well as the benefits to the state and local communities, will be unmatched. Let’s discuss how all of us can work together to put America back to work!

Helping those in need

“Life is a Gift.” That phrase has had a profound effect on Black Dog since gifts are best enjoyed when shared with others. We at Black Dog are thankful for our success, and hope to share our gifts by assisting those in need. One of our favorite charities is The Raleigh Rescue Mission, which provides food, shelter, daycare, medical care, and education for men, women, and children in need. Another favorite is The Haven, which rescues and supports unwanted pets. The Haven supports in excess of 1,200 animals, which are fed, housed, trained, spayed/neutered, and hopefully adopted by loving families. The Haven is maintained by donations from sponsors. Black Dog helps to support these charities.

For more information on these charitable organizations and how you can help, click the links below.