Quality Refurbished High-Throughput Microplate Readers / Cellular Screening Systems

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Black Dog is a trusted partner to the life science community, providing quality refurbished instruments, complementary consumables, and technical services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic labs, as well as CROs. Our goal is to help accelerate scientific research and drug discovery by providing quality instrumentation at affordable prices.

We strive to deliver the highest quality service and laboratory products to our customers — and to guarantee honesty, integrity, and respect in our offerings. That’s how Black Dog has built its reputation in the industry as a trusted partner for over 15 years. Our products are completely refurbished, thereby ensuring excellent performance and optimal results. We provide a 90-day warranty*; additional service warranties are available.

Take advantage of this current offer featuring select equipment at great discounts.

*90-day warranty is only included for customers in the Continental US. All others please inquire to learn more based on your location.

SAVE up to 40% on current inventory!

Now is the time to automate your workflow, replace or upgrade old equipment. Take advantage of new year-end discounts on current inventory Black Dog Certified, fully refurbished FLIPR Tetra® instruments.

  • Thoroughly inspected and tested
  • Any questionable component is replaced
  • Restored to like-new condition
  • Backed by a 90-day warranty*
  • Various service contracts available
  • Installation and validation included for customers in the continental United States**
  • Financing and leasing options available
  • Large inventory of spare parts

Below are some of our available models. Additional FLIPR TETRA® and FLIPR TETRA® PLUS models are available at similar discounts. Complete the Quote Request Form below to talk to a Black Dog representative.

*90-day warranty is only included for customers in the Continental US. All others please inquire to learn more based on your location.

**Customers outside the continental US should contact Black Dog for an estimate of installation and validation.

Prices subject to change without notice. Offer valid through December 31, 2024 or while current inventory lasts.


FLIPR TETRA® High-Throughput Fluorescence Imaging Microplate Reader

ORIGINAL PRICE $109,900 | NOW $59,900

Features Windows 7, Screenworks® 3, tip washer and carboys, casters, yellow calibration plate. Includes 96-well pipettor.


FLIPR TETRA® PLUS High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

ORIGINAL PRICE $139,900 | NOW $79,900

Features Windows 7, Screenworks® 2, tip washer and carboys, ThermoCube® camera chiller, casters, yellow calibration plate. A choice of 96- or 384-well pipettor.


FLIPR TETRA® PLUS High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

ORIGINAL PRICE $149,900 | NOW $89,900

Features Windows 10, Screenworks® 3, tip washer and carboys, ThermoCube® camera chiller, casters, yellow calibration plate. A choice of 96- or 384-well pipettor.


FLIPR TETRA® PLUS High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

ORIGINAL PRICE $159,900 | NOW $99,900

Features Windows 10. Screenworks® 4, tip washer and carboys, ThermoCube®, camera chiller, casters, yellow calibration plate. A choice of 96- or 384-well pipettor.


*FLIPR® 2 AND FLIPR® 3 readers can be fitted with Black Dog’s patented air-cooled laser system, which reduces the instrument’s footprint to 4 feet; it is also economical to use, very stable, and long-lasting, and enables multiple wavelengths that can be utilized simultaneously.

Prices subject to change without notice. Offer valid through December 31, 2024 or while current inventory lasts.

Additional upgrades available:


Tetra-cycler automation: $30,000


2nd Pipettor: $20,000


Membrane Potential LEDs and Filter: $20,000

Save on Complementary Lab Consumables!

Black Dog also offers a range of quality complementary consumables for your FLIPR TETRA® high-throughput cellular screening system, including robotic pipette tips from Corning® Axygen® and Biotix®, as well as Greiner Bio-One®. For more information,

For more information:

  • Proven Technology
  • Our Refurbishing Process
  • FAQs

Tried-and-true Technology

For over a decade, FLIPR® and FLIPRTETRA® instruments have provided a reliable cellular screening platform for research and discovery.

Black Dog refurbished instruments rarely experience failure, but in the rare case that a part is needed, Black Dog maintains one of the largest inventories of FLIPR® and FLIPRTETRA® replacement parts. In fact, we installed a FLIPR® 1 instrument in 2005 that is still performing well for the customer. Many of our other instruments are still functioning at top performance after 10+ years.

Ideal for cell-based assays, calcium imaging, monitoring GPCR and ion channels

Kinetic cellular screening assays

Identifying early leads in the drug discovery process
High-throughput screening applications
Restored to like-new condition

Backed by a 90-day warranty* – with optional extended warranty available


Leasing and financing options available

*90-day warranty is only included for customers in the Continental US. All others please inquire to learn more based on your location.

Black Dog Certified Refurbishing Process

There are plenty of companies out there claiming to provide properly refurbished lab instrumentation, but the truth is that some “refurbished” products are nothing more than used equipment. That’s not the case with Black Dog Certified refurbished instruments.

Our certification process ensures that every Black Dog Certified refurbished instrument is thoroughly inspected, vigorously tested, evaluated, and restored to like-new condition BEFORE the instrument is shipped to your facility. And then once installed at your facility, we re-test, re-calibrate, and re-optimize the instrument to ensure proper performance.

How we restore instruments to like-new condition:

First, We Evaluate

We conduct a thorough inspection of every instrument part and component to assess condition as well as identify worn out parts, essential updates, upgrades and/or modifications in order to return the instrument to like-new condition and optimize its performance.

We Refurbish & Update

We replace worn parts with the highest quality replacements, and we perform cosmetic reconditioning to return the instrument back to a like-new appearance. Even specific parts that tend to wear but still function at the time of refurbishing (e.g., STI switches) are replaced to give the instrument a fresh start.

Unlike many refurbished equipment suppliers, we update expensive core instrument components, even if the original components are still working; for example, the Black Dog Certified refurbished FLIPR® 2 and FLIPR® 3 instruments are updated with a brand-new air-cooled Laser. All Black Dog Certified refurbished instruments are sold with fully-refurbished pipettors, with new o-rings installed.

In addition to replacing the laser, we go the extra mile to update the technology:

The FLIPR® 2 and FLIPR® 3 instruments are equipped with a brand-new air-cooled laser instead of the original water-cooled laser. This “green” technology eliminates the need for water, chillers, and 208 V power that is required with the original water-cooled laser technology. The air-cooled laser generates results that are comparable to those of the water-cooled laser, yet cuts the system’s footprint in half (8 ft to 4 ft). There is no more need for 3-phase power, as this new technology runs off the already installed 110V outlets in the laboratory. By using less space and energy, the system is more portable and it is significantly less costly to operate. The life-expectency of the new air-cooled laser is 10,000 hours.

When you’re ready to purchase from Black Dog, together we will review all of the spare parts and components that have been updated for your specific instrument. So you know exactly what you’re buying.

We Test:

We perform rigorous testing to ensure our like-new instruments operate with uncompromised performance and accuracy.

We Install

When we deliver and install our like-new instruments, we don’t leave until we’re certain they meet or even exceed original manufacturer performance specifications. All of our instruments are installed by a highly experienced Black Dog technical expert, who qualifies instrument performance. Fun Fact: The President of the company has been servicing FLIPR® instruments for 19 years, and Black Dog’s technicians average 16.5 years of servicing FLIPR® instruments!

We Get You Up and Running Fast

After installation, the Black Dog technical expert will provide a Quick Start operational training to get you up and running. The technician will cover the basics of FLIPR® operation; if needed, we will remain on site for 1-2 days following installation to help fine-tune your protocols in order to achieve your desired results; for example, we will help you define pipettor heights, dispensing speeds, hold/expel volumes, mix cycles, etc., based on your specific application.

You Have Peace of Mind

We stand behind our refurbished instruments — and provide a product warranty that includes preventative maintenance service and support.


There are many sources for refurbished instruments, so why should I buy from Black Dog?
Black Dog-certified refurbished products undergo a stringent inspection and refurbishment process — going well beyond most refurbished equipment suppliers, and even original equipment manufacturers. Every component is inspected and tested to ensure performance that meets original manufacturer specifications. Most spare parts and all critical components are replaced with new or quality refurbished parts; for example, every Black Dog-certified refurbished FLIPR® 2 and FLIPR® 3 instrument is updated with a new air-cooled laser. What does this mean for you? Buying a Black Dog-certified refurbished is instrument is essentially like buying new.

Where does Black Dog acquire its instrumentation?
Black Dog acquires its instruments from a variety of sources. We are very selective in what instruments qualifiy for refurbishing. We will not spend our time (or your budget) on instruments that can’t be restored to like-new working condition. Our reputation as a quality service and instrument provider has been built on many years of providing: exceptional service, instruments, and other solutions to the life science community. We would never jeopardize our reputation by offering inferior products that don’t meet the highest quality standards.

How exactly are Black Dog-certified refurbished instruments refurbished?
Every Black Dog-certified refurbished product is thoroughly inspected, vigorously tested, and refurbished before it leaves our facility: We replace most interior instrument components and parts, including costly air-cooled lasers. On rare occasions, our refurbished products may have minor cosmetic blemishes on the exterior housing; however, these types of blemishes do not hinder performance.

Does Black Dog outsource the refurbishing of its instruments in any way?
No. Black Dog’s technicians perform all aspects of the inspection, testing, and refurbishing process in house, which includes procuring the highest quality replacement spare parts and components. We do not outsource any aspects of this work.

Does Black Dog take care of the instrument installation?
Yes, Black Dog handles installation of its refurbished instrumentation. We believe the quality of the installation is as important as the quality of the instrument and we’ll arrange for installation when it’s convenient for you. Depending on your location, installation costs may apply; we will provide you an estimate with your quote. You can rest assured that your instrument will be set up, fully functional, and ready for use when your Black Dog technical expert leaves your facility. In addition, we’ll provide you/your user with a quick-start overview on instrument operation.

Do you offer a product warranty?
Yes; we provide a standard 90-sday warranty. We also provide preventative maintenance and service contracts and can provide a quote based on your requirements.

How can I order Black Dog Certified refurbished instruments?
First, tell us about your application, throughput requirements, and budgetary constraints. We can then propose the best refurbished instrument to meet your current and future needs. That’s our promise to you: we’ll tell you exactly what you need, and not look to oversell you; even if you have a specific model in mind, but a less expensive model will meet your current and future needs, we’ll be sure to tell you about it. We can also help to tailor a specific product to your applications. And, if it turns out that we don’t have the best fit product for your application, we will let you know that too.

Our goal is to always help accelerate your research; once we determine the best refurbished instrument for your application(s), we’ll provide a price quote that includes the purchase price and shipping cost. If you’re interested in extended service contracts, we can bundle the service into the overall quote.

Do you offer leasing or other financing?
Yes, we offer financing options, including leasing programs, through our lending partners. We will help to liaise with our lending partners if you need support with financing.

What is the delivery timeframe for Black Dog-certified refurbished instruments?
Black Dog Certified refurbished instruments are typically available for delivery within 30 days of placing the order. Delivery and installation are scheduled at your convenience. A Black Dog technical expert will conduct a final inspection of the instrument after installation at your designated location.

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Buying refurbished laboratory equipment is a great option when you need to increase throughput on a limited budget. Learn from experienced researchers and lab directors about their best practices for buying refurbished.

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Here’s what our customers are saying about working with Black Dog.

“The Black Dog refurbished FLIPR® functions well, demonstrating excellent reproducibility. The equipment is also easy to use. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the customer service provided by Black Dog. I appreciate their willingness to use refurbished parts to work within our budget, quality of repair work, and promptness in responding to issues.”

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology

“Tom and his son at Blackdog Technical Services went out of their way to refurbish an old FLIPR for us about 12 years ago. After that, they invariably have provided outstanding maintenance and service. I recommend Blackdog Technical Services without reservations.”

Assistant Professor
Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology
School of Medicine

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